Welcome to the Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies


The Sociology program provides students with the theoretical and methodological skills needed to better understand, critique, and contribute to the worlds in which they live. Students study in small groups with faculty who are engaged teachers, scholars and activists. The major prepares students for a broad range of career paths including employment in community-based organizations, local governments, human service agencies, and research settings.

What Our Alumni Say:

“My time in the Sociology Department equipped me with the skills needed to ask the right questions, use research methods to shine a light on the inequalities of world, and create meaningful change for communities in the Bay Area and around the country.”

— Stephanie Arteaga (B.A., ’12)

“My sociology professors were very passionate about ‘using your sociological imagination’ and having discussions on current societal issues in order to give the class a deeper understanding of how society impacts us on various levels.”

— Mariah Santiago (B.A., ’13)

“Constantly, I look forward to new sociological perspectives and look for speeches to attend just because I fell in love with this field.”

— Nima Zarkoub (B.A., ’16)