Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Required Sequence of Courses for Transfer Students

Below is a suggested graduation plan for transfer students majoring in Sociology and who have completed all GE Segment I requirements, including ENG 214 equivalents, at community colleges, and/or other institutions. The completion of Segment I should be indicated in the Degree Audit Report (DARS) and/or Advanced Standing Evaluation. The DARS is available online at and the Advanced Standing Form is mailed to the students early during their first semesters at SFSU.

Please note that the Sociology program accepts up to 12 lower-division units as electives toward the major. These units can be transferred credits or taken at SFSU, including SOC 105 and SOC 245. Students must have a total of 30 upper-division units toward the major.

Note:  At minimum, 3-4 semesters are required in order to complete the major requirements and the major core courses must be taken in sequence. Students typically do not get into the first core course (SOC 300GW) until their second semester junior year.



Please see the following for the suggested courses for each semester:

Semester 1


  • Sociology Elective: 3-4 Units
  • Sociology Elective: 3-4 Units
  • First Complementary Studies course
  • Second Complementary Studies course

Total Number of Units: 12-16

Semester 2


Total Number of Units: 13-16

Semester 3


Total Number of Units: 14-16

Semester 4


  • SOC 393 or SOC 394 Quantitative Analysis or Sociological Field Methods: 4 Units
  • SOC 500 or SOC 501/2 or SOC 503/4 Senior Seminar or Internship: Applied Sociology or  Research Internship Seminar: 3 Units
  • Sociology Elective: 3-4 Units, if needed
  • Sociology Elective: 3-4 Units, if needed

Total Number of Units: 13-15


Total Number of Units for the Major: 42

Total Number of Units to Graduate: 120


Important Prerequisites:

SOC 300 GW: Students must complete at least one Sociology course with a grade of 'C' or better in order to take SOC 300 GW. SOC 370, SOC 371, and SOC 392 require successful completion of SOC 300 GW Sociological Analysis. Sociology majors who successfully complete SOC 300 GW will have met the University Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR).

SOC 370 or 371 may be taken concurrenlty with SOC 392.

SOC 370, SOC 371, and SOC 392: SOC 500 and SOC 501/2 require successful completion of SOC 370 or SOC 371 and SOC 392. SOC 393 and SOC 394 require successful completion of SOC 392.

Important Notes:

  • If you haven't already taken any lower-division Sociology elective, we recommend you start with one or more of the following courses: SOC 105, SOC 245, SOC 272.
  • SOC 105, SOC 200, and SOC 245 meet the BSS-B requirement. SOC 272 meets the BSS-C requirement. These courses also count as sociology electives. 
  • Up to 12 lower-division units are accepted as electives including SOC 105, SOC 110, SOC 200, SOC 245 and transferred credits from community colleges and other institutions.