Two new scholarships available for Sociology majors

Sunday, May 3, 2020 - 20:05

Dear SFSU Sociology Majors:

We are very excited to announce up to 8 new scholarships of @ $3000 each, specifically for Sociology majors, to be given out in Fall 2020!   

These scholarships are unusual in that they are only for students who do NOT receive any “standard” financial aid (i.e., federal or state grants), but still have financial need.  If you DO receive government-funded financial aid, you are unfortunately not eligible for these particular scholarships and should not apply.  Eligible students should apply online by May 22, 2020, through AcademicWorks (see link below).

The generous donor is an SFSU Sociology Dept. alumnus who was not eligible for financial aid when he was enrolled here and found it hard to pay for college. He would now like to help current students in similar situations.

The two funds are:

~ The John Douglas Broderick Scholarship Fund

~The Thomas E Ryther Scholarship Fund

Both funds are set-up the same way and each of them honors a different one of the donor’s mentors.  You can apply for awards from both funds, but no one will receive more than one of them a year.

Applicants need to submit a short essay and a personal statement demonstrating self-described financial need, have a minimum GPA of 2.7 and be continuing or starting at SFSU as a SOC major at least half time next fall.  Faculty members in our department will select the recipients by early June, based on applicants’ essays and their academic achievement or potential.  Monies will be paid out in the fall, as long as students are duly enrolled.

We get to give out @ 8 of these fantastic scholarships, so I strongly encourage you to apply if you are eligible!


Click here to see all of the scholarship opportunities specifically for SOC majors, including the two mentioned above:


Warm Regards,

Dr. Karen Hossfeld

Associate Professor and Interim Dept. Chair

Dept. of Sociology & Sexuality Studies