Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Major Requirements

Required Courses

Course Number Course Description Units
SOC 300 GW Sociological Analysis GWAR (SOC 300 GW is a prerequisite for all other required courses in the major) 4
SOC 370* Classical Theories of Society or 4
SOC 371* Contemporary Theories of Society
SOC 392 Introduction to Research Methods 4
SOC 393* Quantitative Analysis of Social Data or 4
SOC 394* Sociological Field Methods
SOC 500* Senior Seminar or 3
SOC 501* Internship: Applied Sociology (2) and
SOC 502* Internship Seminar: Applied Sociology (1)
Total Required Courses 19

*Due to space limitations, students can typically only take one of this set of courses unless there is room and they have permission from the Department Chair.

At minimum, 3-4 semesters are required in order to complete the major requirements and the major core courses must be taken in sequence. Students typically do not get into the first core course (SOC 300GW) until their second semester junior year.


Sociology Electives

In fufilling the elective requirements students must complete at least one course from each of the following two areas*

Area 1: Inequalities in the United States

Course Number Course Description Units
SOC 272 Social Inequality: Poverty Wealth, and Privilege 4
SOC 330 Comparative Race and Ethnicity in the US: Class Gender, and Nation 3
SOC 362 The Social Construction of Deviance and Conformity 4
SOC 400 Variations in Human Sexuality 3
SOC 455 Punishment and Social Control 3
SOC 464 Families & Society 4
SOC 467 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Cultures and Society 4
SOC 468 Social Aspects of Human Sexuality 4
SOC 469 Gender and Society 4
SOC 490 Sociology of Popular Culture 3

Area 2: Global Inequalities

Course Number Course Description Units

SOC 461

Ethnic Relations: International Comparisons 4
SOC 471 Societal Change and Development 4
SOC 477 Environmental Sociology 3
SOC 480 City in a Global Society 4
SOC 481 Sociology of Brazil 3
SOC 482 Global Immigration and Immigrants 3
SOC 483 Global Sociology 4
SOC 645 Identities, Inequalities & Struggles in Latin America 3

Total Number of Units for Electives: 23-24

Total Number of Units for Major: 42-43


*The remaining units may include additional courses from these areas, 3-4 upper-division units outside sociology upon approval of a sociology advisor and any other course with a sociology prefix including SOC 105, SOC110, SOC 200, SOC 245 and courses taken at other institutions.

Please note that the Sociology program accepts up to 12 lower-division units as electives toward the major. These units can be transferred credits or taken at SFSU, including SOC 105 and SOC 245. Students must have a total of 30 upper-division units toward the major.

Complementary Studies

There are multiple options for Sociology majors to complete the Complementary Studies (CS) requirement. Sociology majors may mix and match between the following categories – minor courses, Ethnic Studies courses, and language courses. 

Students who complete two majors or a major and a minor automatically complete the complementary studies requirement. Additional ways to complete complementary studies for students in the sociology major:

Option 1: Minor

  •      Completion of a minor fulfils the CS requirement
  •      Students may also fulfill CS with courses that count toward any minor program (e.g. course in CJ, WGS, HED, RRS)
  •      Minor courses cannot be crosslisted with SOC

Option 2: Ethnic Studies

  •      Any courses in AAS, AIS, Latinx, RRS, Africana Studies

Option 3: Language     

  •      Any courses in the Department of Modern Languages and Literature Program

  •      AP Language transfer courses count

Other important details:

  • Courses can be lower or upper division
  • Students can use courses taken at a community college that count toward a minor or transfer as an Ethnic Studies course
  • Complementary Studies classes do not appear on the DPR
  • Sociology major advisors will confirm fulfillment of this requirement on graduation applications

Students who have earned AA-T or AS-T degrees and are pursuing a similar B.A. degree at SF State are required to fulfill the Complementary Studies requirement as defined by the major department. Students should consult with a faculty advisor about how transfer units and/or SF State units can best be applied to this requirement in order to ensure degree completion within 60 units.

Faculty advisors determine what counts as Complementary Studies courses.