John W. Kinch Humanitarian Award

This award was established by the SFSU Department of Sociology in 1994 upon the retirement of Professor John Kinch in recognition of both his and our students' contributions to the community. The recipient of this award will receive a Certificate of Recognition as well as a small stipend of 50 dollars. Dr. Kinch was a member of our Sociology Faculty for 35 years, including 15 years as Chair of the Department. During his tenure at San Francisco State University, his values and concerns were reflected in his community activities on behalf of others. In the early 1960's he took a group of his students to Selma, Alabama where they joined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s efforts to register African Americans to vote. Dr. Kinch was a strong supporter of the strike that led to the creation of the School (now College) of Ethnic Studies at SFSU.



To be eligible for this award, you must be a currently enrolled senior majoring in Sociology who is graduating in Spring 2022 and be in good academic standing at SFSU.

​How to apply

Please apply on SFSU Academic Works

  • Submit a short statement (2-3 pages) describing: 1) the nature and extent of your involvement in community service activities; 2) why and how you became involved in this/these area/s of community service; and 3) how your activities have contributed to the  community.
  • If available, please include names and contact information (phone, address, e-mail) for staff people at the organizations you were involved with, as well as the approximate dates of your involvement. Brief letters of support from people familiar with your work maybe  included, but are not required. 


Sociology and Sexuality Studies Department, HSS 370,


Kinch Award Guidelines


Application deadline:

Applications are due annually in the fall. The Sociology Department  will inform all eligible Sociology majors of specific due dates via email and posted fliers.


Past Awardees

2019: Naomi Muzac

2017: Billie Beard

2015: Alexander Nguyen

2014: Luisa Sicarios

2013: Catherine Altares Nepomuceno

2012: Jeff Kloythanomsup 

2011:  Jasmine Lorraine Jones

2010: Lauren Ann Rudd

2009: Owen Patrick Stephens

2008: Francisco Javier Teran, Jr.

2007: Calixto Rafael Melero, Jr.

2006: Patricia A. Castanada