Sociology Department Hood Scholars

The Hood Scholar is nominated by the Sociology faculty on the basis of outstanding academic achievement and community service as a nominee to be invested with the hood on behalf of the department at the University Commencement.


The following were nominated to represent the College of Health and Social Sciences:

2020: Barry Simino

2019: Samir Shrestha

2018: Deja Kassof

2017: Erika Jaugarei

2016: Rosela Delgado

2015: Nourredine Chtaini

2014: Richard Cockrell

2013: Aracely Diaz

2012:  Marilyn L. Buna     


The following were nominated to represent the former, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences:

2010: Haruki Eda

2009: Susan Marie Estrada

2008: Divina Milan Fontanilla

2007: Danny Alexander Casillas

2006: Valerie A. Francisco