Generation to Generation Scholarship

The Generation to Generation is a Graduate Award Fund In Memory of Caroline Rosen for Sociology Majors and Recent Alums applying to graduate and professional schools. Thanks to a generous donation from retired faculty member, Dr. Rachel Kahn-Hut, the Sociology Department is pleased to help Sociology students defray the costs of applying to graduate and professional school.



  • This award is intended for lower-income students;
  • Applicants should be SFSU Sociology majors in their senior year or alums who graduated the preceding year;
  • Have a GPA in the Sociology major of at least 3.0;
  • Be among those students who faculty believe show promise for graduate study.

We will consider students applying to many types of academic and professional schools. 


How to apply:

Please apply on SFSU Academic Works


Submit 3 copies of the following to the Department of Sociology and Sexuality Studies: 

1. Your name, address, phone number, e-mail and SFSU ID number; 

2. A list of graduate programs you are applying to or have applied to, the due dates 

and application fees; and/or a list of any graduate entrance exams, dates and fees; 

3. Your Statement of Purpose for your graduate school applications, explaining your 

goals and qualifications for graduate study; 

4. A copy of a Graduate School letter of recommendation from a SFSU Sociology faculty 


5. Your unofficial transcripts, general GPA, and GPA in the major.


Application Deadline:

Applications are due annually in the fall and if funds remain, again in the spring.  The Sociology Department will inform all eligible Sociology majors of specific due dates via email and posted fliers.

Past Awardees

2020: Caela Wright

2018: Tiffany Mendoza & Billie Beard

2016: Curis Penn

2015: Nourredine Chtaini

2014: Stephanie Arteaga

2014: Kaelee Rose Epstein

2013: Leroy Arciniega, Corey Alton Drew and Valetin Misostov          

2012: Hollis Fleischer and Diana Garrett

2011: Christopher M. Roque

2009: Susan Estrada and Nima Eslamieh

2008: Gerard O. Byron

2007: Francisco Javier Reyes and Michael Grasso