Dr. John Irwin Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Irwin was a sociologist that earned his undergraduate degree from UCLA, and went on to complete his doctoral thesis at UC Berkeley. He taught for many years in San Francisco State University’s Sociology Department and in 1967 created Project Rebound, a special admissions program at SFSU. Dr. Irwin passed in 2010 leaving behind a lifetime of accomplishments and an undeniable hope for the future.



  • GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • Must be an enrolled Project Rebound student working part or full time;
  • Documentation showing enrollment in Project Rebound;
  • Demonstrate financial need and request either a one semester or one academic year scholarship in a one page typed statement;
  • Statement will include justification for requesting either the one semester or two semester award.

To apply, log on to https://sfsu.academicworks.com/ , search for the John Irwin Memorial Scholarship link, and upload the following:

  1. A copy of your current SFSU class schedule
  2. A copy of the your unofficial transcript with SFSU GPA
  3. Documentation of enrollment in Project Rebound.
  4. A one page typed statement expressing financial need.

N.B.: Upon notification of the scholarship award, awardees are required to submit a thank you letter addressed to the Donor of the John Irwin Memorial Scholarship. 

Application Deadline:

Applications are due annually in the spring. The Sociology Department will inform all eligible Sociology majors of specific due dates via email and posted fliers.

Past Awardees

2020: Bernice Gao, Angelina Gianfermo, Everett Holland, Jemal Taylor

2020: Philip Jones, Terah Lawyer, and Marion McFarlin

2019:  Terah Lawyer, Elisabeth Ocampo, and Jesus Rios

2018: Baldemar Arroyo

2017: Tangela Griffin

2016: Latonia Williams and Curtis Penn

2015: Tony Williams and Jared Walker

2014: Sherry Bonnet

2013: Richard Cockrell