Trudie Coker

Trudie Coker

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(415) 338-2183

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HSS 369
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Also available by appointment.
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Tuesday: 2:30-3:30
Thursday: 14:30-3:30


Trudie Coker has been a lecturer at San Francisco State since 2005.  She previously was an Associate Professor of Sociology at Florida Atlantic Sociology.  Trudie’s research has focused on globalization and political economy and she is a  specialist on Venezuela. Her recent work highlights the dimensions of democracy and uses Venezuela as a case study that analyzes the conceptualization of democracy in the context of neoliberalism.

Previously Offered Courses 

  • SOC 105  Sociological Perspectives
  • SOC 272  Social Inequality: Poverty, Wealth, and Privilege
  • SOC 300  GWAR  Sociological Analysis-Inequality
  • SOC 392  Introduction to Research Methods
  • SOC 424  Social Movements
  • SOC 461  Ethnic Relations: International Comparisons
  • SOC  483  Global Sociology
  • SOC 500  Senior Seminar-Social Change and Development, Social Change, and Inequality

Research Interests

  • Political economy and globalization
  • Social inequality and development
  • Latin America
  • Comparative race relations


  •  “Dimensions of Democracy in Contemporary Venezuela.” Social JusticeVolume 40-4, 2014
  • “The Weakness of the Semiperipheral Nation-State: The Venezuelan Case.” Trudie Coker, book chapter in Emerging Issues in the 21st Century World-System, Volume 1, ed. Wilma Dunaway , Praeger Press and Greenwood  Publishing Group.  Westport Connecticut, 2003.
  • “Unusual Class Alliances:  Labor’s Role in Venezuela’s Coup.”  Trudie Coker. Journal of Iberian and Latin American Studies,  LaTrobe University, Australia,Volume 8: 1, July 2002.
  • “Globalization and Corporatism: The Growth and Decay of Organized Labor in Venezuela, 1900-1998".  Trudie Coker.  International Labor and Working-Class History, Cambridge University Press, London, Volume 60, Fall 2001
  • “Globalization and State Capital Accumulation: Deteriorating Economic and Political Rights in Venezuela.” Trudie Coker.  Latin American Perspectives,  Issue 108, September 1999.
  • “Office Automation, Clerical Workers and Labor Relations in theInsurance Industry.”  (With; Dan Cornfield, Deborah Carter, Kathleen Kitzmiller, Diane Pejza, Polly Phipps and Peter Wood), Chapter 6 in : Workers, Managers, and Technological Change:  Emerging Patterns of labor Relations, Edited by Daniel B. Cornfield, N.Y.: Plenum Press, 1987.