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Mr. Bell has a rich history of working with the adult prison and jail population, but has taken on the rewarding responsibility of being a mentor to both adults and youth in and from the criminal legal system.  He played a part in the establishment of the San Francisco Safe Communities Reentry Council. He has served as the Director of Project Rebound at San Francisco State University for 10 years and has facilitated educational empowerment classes in the local county jails for the last 8 years.  Recently he has fazed into a new Regional Directorship that entails directing the progressive steps towards setting a Project Rebound like programs on 8 additional California State University’s. He takes his job seriously and has already worked with Rutgers University in New Jersey to model a program after the Project Rebound pedagogy.


B.A in Sociology and an MS, in Counseling (College & Rehabilitation)

Regional Director of Project Rebound and lecturer at SFSU in Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Counseling