Clare - On Sabbatical will return Fall 2016 Sears

Associate Professor


Clare Sears, Associate Professor of Sociology, joined the department in 2007, following a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of California Humanities Research Institute. Originally from Essex, England, she specializes in critical criminological theory, sexuality and gender studies (especially queer theory and transgender studies), and California history. She is currently completing a book manuscript titled Arresting Dress: Cross-Dressing, Law and Fascination in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco.

Courses Offered Fall 2014

  • SOC 392 Introduction to Research Methods

Previously Offered Courses

  • SOC 105 Sociological Perspectives
  • SOC 300 Sociological Analysis
  • SOC 392 Introduction to Research Methods
  • SOC 455 Punishment and Social Control
  • SOC 457 Sociology of Law 
  • SXS 750 Queer Theory and Transgender Studies

Research Interests

Critical criminology, queer theory, transgender studies, critical legal studies, and California history.


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  • Clare Sears (2008) Electric Brilliancy: Cross-Dressing Law and Freak-Show Displays in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco, Women's Studies Quarterly, Special Issue on Trans-, 36(3-4): 170-187
  • Clare Sears (2008) All that Glitters: Tran-sing California's Gold Rush Migrations, GLQ: A Journal in Lesbian and Gay Studies, Special Issue on Queer/Migrations, 14(2-3): 383-402
  • Clare Sears (2005) "A Tremendous Sensation:" Cross-Dressing in the Nineteenth Century San Francisco Press." In News and Sexuality: Media Portraits of Diversity, edited by Laura Casteñada and Shannon Campbell. Thousand Oaks: Sage Press, 1-19
  • Clare Sears, Thomas Davis, Joseph Guydish and Alice Gleghorn (2009) Investigating the Effects of San Francisco's Treatment On Demand Initiative on a Publicly-Funded Substance Abuse Treatment System: A Time Series Analysis, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 41(3): 297-304
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  • Clare Sears, Erin Weltzein, and Joseph Guydish (2001) A Cohort Study of Syringe Exchangers and Nonexchangers in San Francisco. Journal of Drug Issues 13(2): 445-464.