Generation to Generation Scholarship

The Generation to Generation is a Graduate Award Fund In Memory of Caroline Rosen for Sociology Majors and Recent Alums applying to graduate and professional schools. Thanks to a generous donation from retired faculty member,Dr. Rachel Kahn-Hut, the Sociology Department is pleased to help Sociology students defray the costs of applying to graduate and professional school.

Generation to Generation Flyer



  • This award is intended for lower-income students.
  • Applicants should be SFSU Sociology majors in their senior year or alums who graduated the preceding year;
  • have a GPA in the Sociology major of at least 3.0.;
  • and be among those students who faculty believe show promise for graduate study.

We will consider students applying to many types of academic and professional schools. 


How to apply:

Submit 3 COPIES of the following to Dr. Hossfeld’s mailbox in HSS 370: 

1. Your name, address, phone number, e-mail and SFSU ID number; 

2. A list of graduate programs you are applying to or have applied to, the due dates 

and application fees; and/or a list of any graduate entrance exams, dates and fees; 

3. Your Statement of Purpose for your graduate school applications, explaining your 

goals and qualifications for graduate study; 

4. A copy of a Graduate School letter of recommendation from a SFSU Sociology faculty 


5. Your unofficial transcripts, general GPA, and GPA in the major.


Application Deadline: Varies ( Check department office HSS 370 for deadlines)


Past Awardees


2015: Nourredine Chtaini

2014: Stephanie Arteaga

2014: Kaelee Rose Epstein

2013: Leroy Arciniega, Corey Alton Drew and Valetin Misostov          

2012: Hollis Fleischer and Diana Garrett

2011: Christopher M. Roque

2009: Susan Estrada and Nima Eslamieh

2008: Gerard O. Byron

2007: Francisco Javier Reyes and Michael Grasso