Bachelor of Arts in Sociology

Sociology examines the social aspects and dimensions of most everything human beings do in the realm of politics, economics, culture, technology, relationships, and identity. Studying sociology provides students critical and reflexive perspectives with which to understand the world. It pushes students to develop the analytical, research, and compositional skills necessary to investigate, understand, analyze, explain, and improve the world around them. Courses cover a broad range of topics including: the study of individuals as social actors; the analysis of social processes such as social interaction and deviance and conformity; the study of institutions such as law, family, media, popular culture, medicine, education, and religion; and the investigation of the social organization of entire societies in the global context. The department offers a variety of courses of interest to non-majors as well as to majors and career outlook. 
Students may submit a Change of Major form to declare/change their major to Sociology during the following times:
Fall term: August 1-October 1
Spring term: January 1 - March 1.


Please note that the department strongly encourages students to meet with an advisor early during their first semester at SFSU regardless of academic rank. All students are required to have met with a Sociology advisor at least once by the time they have completed SOC 300. Each student is assigned to an advisor based on their last name. The faculty list follows:

Fall 2019 Sociology Faculty Advisors

                      A - Ca

Karen Hossfeld

                     Ce - F

Alexis Martinez

                      G - K

Clare Sears

                     L - M

Jennifer Reck

                     N - R

Valerie Francisco-Menchavez

                     S - Z

Christopher Bettinger